Gum and Premature Birth

There is an established link between gum disease and a significant increase in the risk of premature birth. 

Here is an interesting link on a study that could take place in Malawi (if the grant is won) where premature birth is a real problem.  The idea is a wonderfully simple one where pregnant women would be given chewing gum, sweets or mints that contain Xylitol, that would improve the health of their gums. Healthier gums might mean healthier outcomes for pregnancy. 

Wouldn’t chewing gum, eating sweets or mints be a simple fix! Obviously it would only affect some risk factors but a neat idea.

A very odd piece of research in Finland found that
mothers who are breastfeeding and chew gum with Xylitol prevented gum disease and cavities in not only themselves, but in their children too.

Strange image conjured up of Finnish women breastfeeding and chewing gum at the same time. I know my mother would wholly disapprove!

We will keep an eye out for this one to see if the funding is secured. Hope so.